The best defense against security vulnerabilies is a strong security offense. You must locate security vulnerabilties before attackers find and expoit them. Discovering security vulnerabilities ismission critical.

Website Vulnerability Testing:
We find hidden website security vulnerabilities and help you correct them. Hacker prevention means developing security programming to eliminate security vulnerabilities, protect business and customer information, and prevent exploitations.

PHP Code Security Reviews: Security vulnerabilities can hide in PHP programs. Exposing them requires expert PHP Code Review of the actual code. The PHP Kemist is an expert PHP and security evaluation force.

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» Security Penetration Testing

Automated security scans and manual security evaluations provide a hit list of vulnerabilities to secure. We inspect each security vulnerability and research the best solutions to apply long term cures. Recurring security scans and evaluations are required as technology changes and as your arhictecture changes. Security is an ongoing and neverending technical defense.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Secure your web site and network before hackers discover vulnerabilities and exploit them. Security problems should be corrected in a controlled environment rather than in haste in response to an attack.

» Automated Security Scans
» Manual Security Evaluations
» Recurring Code Evaluations

The vast majority of today's security vulnerabilities arise not from default server configurations or network installations, but from poorly crafted web programming and misconfigured network access. The most secure and stable web server can become a hacker's paradise when the web programming is developed by an uninformed or complacent web programmer.

Secure web applications arise from expert web security programmers. By writing security features into systems by design, and from the start, security exploits can best be avoided. The art and science of protection begins at the source. The PHP Kemist integrates Secure PHP Programming into all development projects.

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Ongoing Protection: Rapid changes in technology and increasing skills of hackers demand real time protection with repeated testing. Complacency breeds laziness that inspires evil minds. Security must reside in the forefront of any long term endeavor, however transparent.

Securing Your Business: Security vulnerabilities can expose confidential customer information to the public and diminish customer confidence.

Protecting Your Future: Increased exposure from successful marketing creates significant traffic. As your cashflow and traffic constantly grow, so too will the rate and aggressiveness of the attacks againt you. Planning for continued success demands security considerations from inception.

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