The PHP Kemist starts eCommerce web site design projects with a security strategy focused on success. Security preparation does not create your eCommerce cash flow, generate web traffic, or impress the world. It's truly just to prepare for success, which brings with it heavy traffic, high cash flow, and subsequently a lot of attention from hackers. When you are perceived as successful and wealthy, you are perceived as worth hacking.

Defining points of potential security vulnerabilities is a good defensive tactic. Knowing where weak points exist is necessary before PHP programmers can defend against security attacks. Revealing such weak points and determining security vulnerabilities requires a comprehensive understanding of PHP web programming, MySQL database programming, security programming, and a knowledge of the dark side… an insight into black hat hacking!

» Secure Code Requirements
» What Hackers Look For

Hackers never rest and poorly programmed eCommerce web sites mean you won't get much sleep. Ideally, your eCommerce web site will create cash flow all day and all night, and be profitable. You can rest assured with eCommerce web sites that are programmed by The PHP Kemist.

Secure PHP programming designs rely on years of experience in web security and network security. Novice and amateur programmers overlook the tactics used by hackers. Since we know what to protect against and how to defend against hackers, we can use our security definition requirements to construct solid and secure designs. Secure designs are mission critical for any eCommerce website. We have major requirements to fulfill. 1. Prevent the loss of confidential information. 2. Prevent loss of profit. 3. Maintain customer confidence. 4. Maximize busines growth potential. 5. Frustrate potential hackers!

» Data Validation & Cleansing
» Securing eCommerce Databases
» Selecting Good Security Tactics

We like the saying, "Behind every successful website is a strong programmer." In terms of web and database security, this saying is tremendous. Success is more than reaching and exceeding your business goals… it's avoiding the pitfalls, traps, and hackers that can destroy you as fast as electrons fly.

Secure PHP Programming is both an art and a science. Integrated into all the code created by The PHP Kemist is a layer of hacker protection. It's part of what we do as a service and a duty. There's simply no excuse for poor programming. Most clients know little of the hacker world and we'd like it to stay that way. As an eCommerce web site owner, you have enough on your plate. There's more than one reason to hire an experienced, expert PHP Programmer with web security built in.

We invite you to explore the advantages of web security for your eCommerce web site business.

» Benefits of eCommerce Security
» Caveats of Security Vulnerabilties

3 Hats of Hacking: Hackers are classified into three "hat" types, based on their intent. Adopted from the old black and white western movies, the color of the cowboys' hats defined their roles in the movie, good to bad.

White Hat Hackers (Cowboy Heros): True to the corporate and industrial enterprises, white hats uphold honor and all that Boy Scout code stuff.

Gray Hat Hackers (Bystanding Cowboys): Neither adhering to good nor bad ethics, gray hat hackers are investigative and curious, without benefiting nor hindering businesses.

Black Hat Hackers (Bad Cowboys): These are the bad guys you have to watch out for. Rogue felons looking to destroy and deface your business for profit or pleasure, black hats hack with disregard for authority, decency, and moral. If any security vulnerabilities exist in your defense system, black hats will find and monopolize on them.

» Hacking Website Code
» Hacking External Networks