Keyword Research and Evaluation
Search Engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo handle simple fundamentals in complex ways. Most web users are familiar with the term keywords and the fact that search engines use them to find good web pages for us to read. The question is whether your web pages show up before your competition does. SEO Keyword Research provides critical information to understand why your competition is doing well, what keyword terms match your web pages as well as drawing traffic, and set the stage for your SEO Campaigns.

SEO Keyword Research is mandatory for any healthy SEO Campaign because search engines control this industry. High volume quality traffic generates positive web cash flow and profits. Properly targeted keywords connect your Online business to potential customers through keywords in search engines. Carefully chosen keywords for SEO Campaigns have the biggest positive impact. Keyword selection and strategy results from SEO Keyword Research combined with Competitive Analysis and effective SEO Reporting and Traffic Tracking.

» Competitive SEO Analysis

SEO Success Requires Good SEO Strategies. The approach to Search Engine optimization is like a war. There are multiple battles that occur at the same time and affect each other, while leading to upcoming battles. Entering into any battle without a proper strategy can lead to a lost battle, which may weaken other battles and potentially weaken the overall war. Your SEO War should continue as long as your web site needs traffic. Only when your business can ignore web traffic should the SEO War desist.

Preparing for your SEO battles requires knowing your enemies as well as your friends. Business goals and the need for profit set the battle pace. Campaign behaviors are restricted by SEO Guidelines. Search Engines are the NATO of the Internet and their rules change regularly. Unfortunately, we are not privy to the exact specifications used by search engines, so additional ongoing research must continue to discover the many secret paths we must adhere to. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a pursuit requiring ongoing attention for various reasons, including how search engine algorithms affect keywords.

» Traffic Tracking Preparations

There are many aspects of SEO that affect eCommerce web site traffic. Modifications to existing websites are dependent upon factors such as the type of product sold and the type of traffic that will convert to a sale. All changes to an eCommerce web site should be based on correct research and ongoing SEO Traffic Analysis.

Web sites must continue to grow and existing content should be updated. Newer media types such as PDF files and video can impact the diversity of traffic. Any SEO media added to a web site should allow search engines to read their meta data content. Other media can hide content that might skew how the page is read by a search engine, such as using Flash development.

Developing an SEO Campaign can take on many forms through many stages. They are all dictated by Keyword Research, SEO Traffic Analysis and the goals you set for your Online eCommerce Business web site. While your campaign continues, the focus on successful keywords and cash flow refines the final keyword list, maximizing your SEO success.

» Tracking & Analyzing Traffic

Search engines and SEO are cash flow oriented businesses. Search engines connect optimized eCommerce web site designs with customers looking to buy. Some SEO companies focus on shortcuts to get traffic and use tactics to skew SEO, which search engines treat as unfair. This has led to recurring algorithm changes by search engines to discredit unfair and invalid SEO tactics, and penalize them while fair and valid SEO Campaigns are rewarded.

SEO Firms should be inspired to follow the guidelines set by search engines and avoid penalties suffered by web site owners. Shortcuts to SEO success may seem exciting, but the downside of penalties and lost cash flow are not. Simply applying effective and quality SEO Campaigns within expected SEO guidelines will result in long term cash flow gains and happy web site owners.

This boils down to one SEO Philosophy: SEO requires that we stay on our toes, stay educated and up to date, and consistently keep eCommerce web sites attracting SEO traffic, in order to keep search engine placements high.