PHP Programming can work extremely well with Javascript Programming. Javascript Programming is a client-side programming language processed by the browser, not the web server. Since any function requires a certain amount of processor power, offloading some functions to client-side Javascript reduces the stress on your web server.

Javascript programs provide a wide variety of services. Since Javascript can connect directly to web servers and databases, it can provide on-the-fly content updates as well as database managed interactions. Remote connectivity through Javascript is typically accomplished with AJAX, which is a subcomponent of Javascript Programming. Typical uses for Javascript include checking forms for required fields, data validation, and manipulating page content. Newer age uses for AJAX Javascript include dynamic database connectivity for membership logins and remote retrieval of web content. Javascript Programming provides a powerful client-side control that complements the power of server-side PHP.

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Implementing Javascript Programming requires more than simply definitions for desired functions. Javascript can be hacked and can therefore become a target of exploitation. Especially weak is AJAX Programming, since it is relatively new and is given less security consideration by less experienced Javascript Programmers.

Form validation is the most common application of Javascript Programming. Since hackers can bypass any client-side programming, Javascript Programming can easily be made useless as a web security layer. A server-side language like PHP must be instated as a measure of web security between the browser and the server. Javascript Programming is therefore only a secondary and "additional" layer of security, not a primary layer of web security for your Online business.

Despite Javascript's lack of effective security features, it adds features to clients' eCommerce web experiences that make your web site design more inspiring, efficient, and easier to navigate. These translate to increased conversion rates and profit margins.

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Creating Javascript requires appropriate programming. There are many possible features that Javascript Programming can provide, but only some of them are economically feasible. Before launching into a campaign of heavy Javascript programming, The PHP Kemist evaluates what makes sense and can increase your cash flow. Javascript programming purely intended as entertainment may not make good financial sense.

Appropriate Javascript Programming uses include checking form fields for completion or valid data entry and helping users submit data successfully the first time. Javasccript Programming is commonly used to perform roll-over events such as swapping images on buttons. innerHTML Javascript can manipulate any content within the current view without reloading the entire page. Combined with AJAX Javascript Programming, the web page can be access external resources for updating a web page.

Security MUST be applied to all Javascript Programming to ensure safety for your Online Business.

Like any development project, Javascript Programming must be tested and reviewed thoroughly before releasing to the public. Testing of functionality, performance, and reliability are important to the success of your eCommerce web site. However, testing for security is even more critical, and is ignored in most development environments.

The PHP Kemist uses the latest and most updated methods and tools to evaluate web site functions and to perform Code Security Audits. PHP Programming and Javascript Programming may interact, and they can both connect to your MySQL Database. These features, and others, dictate the necessity for measures of web security both during and after phases of programming.

Is your website a seccurity risk for exploitation? If you don't know, or your programmers are not experienced Security Professionals, you may be gambling with your Online Business and the trust your customers give you.

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