Keyword Research and Evaluation
Researching SEO Keywords and Competition
SEO Keyword Research includes: The analysis of your eCommerce web site and pages to determine the dominant and relative SEO Keywords in each; Analyzing the way those SEO keywords relate to the whole site; Analyzing the top competitive websites and pages for the SEO Keywords that make them successful; Comparing SEO Keyword traffic potential against top SEO competition for the keyword; Assessing SEO Keyword Relevance to target products and services; Proving future SEO Keyword Reputation Potential on the Internet; Evaluating SEO Keyword longevity for future SEO Potential.

Search engine optimization involves more than an introspective approach. Odds favor there are good web sites optimized for at least some SEO Campaign keywords and striving for similar goals. By analyzing their SEO structure, SEO style, and SEO success, we can jump start an SEO Campaign and save a lot of money and time. Since the most typical goal is cash flow and profit, we focus on thge best use of funds and our SEO efforts.

» Keyword Research & Evaluation
» Competitive SEO Analysis

SEO Tools for Collecting and Sorting SEO Data
Keywords are a critical part of all SEO campaigns and SEO development stategies. There are ways to collect and assess keywords that are manual and others automated. Tools and their capabilities all contribute to a pool of SEO data requiring intellectual processing. These include web site traffic tracking, SEO keyword usage, banner ad tracking, and other types of tracking.

SEO Data Analysis means sorting through all of the SEO tracking data to determine what it all means and how it will dictate future SEO Campaign work. We generate SEO Reports for each SEO Data Analysis, plus SEO Reports that dynamically combine each SEO Report into a Big Picture of SEO status for each web site. Each individual SEO Report has an impact on your SEO Campaigns and the Big Picture SEO Report affects the overall strategy of all SEO Campaigns combined.

The PHP Kemist has designed and programmed Custom SEO Tools and we also use existing industry standard SEO Tools to perform SEO Data Analysis.

» SEO Keyword Development
» Analyzing SEO Traffic Reports
» Engine Ranking Report Analysis

Analyzing and Reporting SEO Statistics
Tracking SEO traffic and collecting all the relevant data creates a series of SEO keyword-specific and SEO campaign-specific SEO Reports. Providing SEO Reports is only a small step toward SEO Campaogns since they simply describe the state of SEO Traffic, SEO Keywords, and your SEO Campaigns. Far more important are the analyses of SEO Reports, which will determine what actions must be taken and which actions should be avoided. SEO Analysis determines where to apply SEO efforts and investments to make the biggest difference. Without SEO Reporting and SEO Analysis, SEO Campaigns would run blind, not maximizing the return on investment.

SEO Traffic Tracking, SEO Reporting, SEO Analysis, and SEO Efforts work as a cyclic routine through time. Like a Sin Wave, the frequency and amplitude relate to the period for tracking, reporting, analyzing and making SEO changes, which are adjusted based on the desired level of aggressiveness. How hard we work depends on the need to develop quality web site traffic and the success of the SEO Campaign.

» Engine Ranking Report Analysis
» SEO Statistics & SEO Reporting

Tracking SEO traffic generates a large amount of SEO Data. Assembled into SEO Reports, an SEO Data Analysis is performed, resulting in SEO Statistics that are useful. Multiple SEO Analyses are combined into multi-variable SEO Statistics with significant implications on how to proceed with your SEO. The next step is to return to the start of the SEO Cycle and re-evaluate the SEO Keywords. Every step in the cycle is reiterated with changes influenced by the SEO Statistcs mentioned above. This reiterative SEO process creates a realignment of SEO Campaign Tactics and SEO Strategies with the real world and current Online Business goals.

In the Big Picture of SEO success, your Online Business needs to generate quality Internet traffic that will convert into sales, and generate a profitable cash flow. The tools and methods used in an SEO Campaign must be dynamic and adjust to the way the world and real Internet traffic changes. Since goals change through time, your SEO Campaigns must change through time and this can only be achieved through regular snapshots of real traffic and adjustments based on SEO Statistics.

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» SEO Website Updates & Additions