Evaluating potential security vulnerabilities
Website Security is a wide range of defensive and proactive security preparations, real time evaluations, and preventive maintenance. It is important to understand the basics of Web and Network Security.

Attacks are directed toward "Security Vulnerabilities" that exist in your network or site infrastructure. A vulnerability is not so much an issue, unless it is attacked. Security Vulnerabilities escalate to Security Exploits once attacked successfully. Once exploited, your website or network may become compromised in one form or another.

Discovering Security Vulnerabilities in your eCommerce web site prior to being attacked is a key strategy for a Security Consultant. Once found, each vulnerability should be assessed for type, severity, difficulty of exploit, and the source of the security vulnerability. If introduced by your PHP Web Site Programmer, similar vulnerabilities may exist elsewhere in your web site. Some may be introduced by box packages, which is even worse, because any hacker can get a copy of your boxed software and evaluate all your security flaws, perfecting their attacks Offline.

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Diagnosing for secure cures and prevention
Knowing that Security Vulnerabilities exist in your eCommerce web site is a great start to your PHP web site security! However, determining why it exists, how to make secure repairs, and preventing future web site Security Vulnerabilities is also important. Before any changes and repairs can be applied, you need to understand what you are dealing with. Invalid and partial repairs for PHP web security can create additional Security Vulnerabilities or simply be a waste of time.

Most eCommerce web site designs are complex. Making a change to one focal point may seem innocuous while devastating effects result somewhere else in the PHP Web Site Programming. Insufficient knowledge of the Security Vulnerability and of Secure PHP Programming may result in poor or invalid Secure PHP Code Repairs. Incorrect PHP Programming may simply be invalid, but may introduce new Security Vulnerabilities that reduce your PHP Web Security status.

Secure eCommerce PHP web sites require quality Secure PHP Web Site Programming and a solid knowledge of Secure PHP Web Site Programming.

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Validation and cleansing aof data are key to web security
Robust and reliable PHP Programming includes quality Security Programming. Consideration for PHP Web Security must start before programming of PHP begins! Network Security is an important aspect of the Big Picture for PHP Web Security, and should be assessed prior to programming and prior to launch for best results.

During the conceptual stage of code development, PHP Programming code is comprised of expected pathways, MySQL Database connections, and points of interactivity with users. These pathways must be inspected carefully for typical points of vulnerability to site security, as well as atypical. Security Programmers experienced in securing your eCommerce web site will find all instances prior to programming PHP. The caveats come to life when poor PHP Programmers start programming PHP without defining these security vulnerability points. Their blatant disregard for security may result in site attacks that affect you long after they have disappeared

The PHP Kemist places great weight on evaluating Security Vulnerabilities to maximize your PHP Web Security prior to Programming PHP, during PHP Development, and continue after site launch, so you can sleep well at night with protection.

Databases are subject to poor code
One of the most common causes of Security Vulnerabilities and for Security Exploits is a lack of security maintenance for your eCommerce web site. Many things change through time, while your PHP Code remains the same, allowing security vulnerabilities to appear.

Networks and server environments change with upgrades, updates, and general configuration changes. Other factors change including the PHP language, causing code deprecation and Security Vulnerabilities. Once Security Vulnerabilities emerge, it is only a matter of time before they may be Exploited to bypass your security.

Prevention is truly worth a pound of cure when it comes to Security for your eCommerce PHP Web Site. Scanning regularly for Security Vulnerabilities is important. Reviewing additions to your PHP Programming and performing PHP Code Reviews to Audit for Security Vulnerabilities is worth its weight in gold. Using Security Programmers and avoiding poor PHP Programming is a fundamental must, which essentially differentiates insecure eCommerce web sites from secure eCommerce web sites.

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