Designing websites has evolved into differentiated genres including eCommerce website design. Defining your website design for eCommerce can be quite different from website design for information distribution or for membership based websites. Detailing your eCommerce goals and business plan are essential for successfulliy defining your project scope and efficiently designing your eCommerce web site.

Finding the best design to generate cash flow depends mostly on your business model and target audience. More than just PHP Programming and inspiring products, aspects of SEO, Security, and ease of use must be considered.

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Defined eCommerce web site projects take shape during the design phase. Pathways and flowcharts depict how information will flow through your site and interact with your MySQL Database. The chosen methods of payment processing affect code design and data management.

Often an overlooked aspect of design, administration modules are important for those admins who are not web and database savvy. Inventory, membership, and site management can be performed by non-Techies using simple web interfaces, when PHP Programming is applied efficiently. There is no excuse for clumbsy administration or site management.

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eCommerce Web Site programming projects are each an exciting and unique opportunity to create PHP Magic. PHP and MySQL Programming offer unlimited versatility to solve any functional requirement.

The PHP Kemist is devoted to PHP Programming, Database Development, and custom eCommerce solutions. We are experienced and expert PHP Programmers who love to design and develop websites. Our custom eCommerce solutions, admin modules, and marketing tactics have worked together successfully for our clients and worked to generate ongoing positive cash flow. Whatever your design requirements, we can develop the solutions that can make your Online business a successful one.

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Deploying new eCommerce web site designs to the public has two aspects:

DEPLOYMENT: Releasing new eCommerce web site projects and modules can affect existing SEO status, lure hackers, and expose unforeseen business requirements. Websites evolve as a result of production experience. This can all affect cash flow results, so mus be performed carefully and correctly.

MAINTENANCE: As your eCommerce web site changes and grows, The PHP Kemist will stay involved and remain available to continue increasing your cash flow and to help solve problems as they arise. Behind every successful website is a strong programmer.

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