AJAX Programming is essentially Javascript Programming with a twist. AJAX is an acronym meaning Asynchronous Javascript Active eXchange....

Traditional static web pages must be completely reloaded to display new content. Traditional dynamic web pages require the same page reload for new content to be displayed. Flash is an exception to the rules of traditional web programming, because it can connect to remote data sources without the host page requiring a reload. Javascript Programming includes AJAX Programming, which contains a similar set of functions to connect to remote data sources. Dissimilar from Flash, AJAX Programming is Open Source, requires manual creation of interativity features, and additional programming of handlers that change the page content on-the-fly. AJAX Programming has some SEO advantages and disadvantages when compared to Flash. They each have their place in Web Programming, but must each be considered carefully before your web deployment.

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Use of asynchronous communications between a web page and a server is optional. Designing valid and useful AJAX implementations requires both an evaluation of its benefits and security risks. When it is determined that the benefits outweigh the risks, AJAX can be a powerful component of web site design. AJAX Programming is not necessary, nor is Javascript Programming, for your website to work and function. They may be necessary for improving user interactivity so links become more obvious, servers do less work, and the result is increased cash flow. Designing AJAX Programming in your eCommerce web site design should therefore be kept to a minimum and remain focused on how to improve user interactivity and conversion rates.

Your website can be enhanced by AJAX Programming. AJAX can aid in data handling without page reloads where needed, and Javascript can update page content on-the-fly. If you are avoiding page reloads, AJAX Programming might be right for your eCommerce web site design. Keep in mind the importance of web security.

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Developing AJAX Programs requires a server-side data source, or some form of external feed. Although AJAX can make requests to static flat files, it is best associated with server-side technologies like PHP & MySQL. Where PHP & MySQL are best suited to work together, AJAX & PHP are best suited to work together. PHP Programming operates as a man-in-the-middle, conduiting the requests from your AJAX Programming to a MySQL Database and returning the results to your AJAX Programming in the correct format.

A stable development environment for AJAX Programming has similar requirements to the PHP. A global web server with a ready domain name is ideal. A PHP-Enabled web server with a MySQL Database is preferred. All that remains to start AJAX Development is a great PHP Programmer! AJAX Programming requires special security code and testing during and after AJAX programming. Any technology that can receive information from external sources should be cause for concern!

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Releasing AJAX Programming is not significantly different from releasing PHP Programming. Given the appropriate use of AJAX for beneficial reasons, consideration to the benefits of SEO and possible drawbacks, and for security penetration testing, your site may see more performance and traffic.

The connections made by AJAX Programming are not tracked like page reloads, but tracking is critical to Online Business campaigns seeking self-improvement. AJAX Programming has little impact on SEO compared to other technologies and tecnhiques. PHP is the best candidate to help track the activity and performance of your AJAX Programmingg connectivity, since PHP is the server-side processor for AJAX requests.

Knowing what your traffic is doing provides the best source of information to help you improve your Online Business and help prevent hacking. Tracking must therefore be a main consideration during the deployment of your AJAX Programs to the world.

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